The title LEC Light Emitting Crystal is a paraphrase of LED (light emitting diod) and draws the attention to the special quality of ligt emitted through the crystal lamp. The LEC lamps are our answer or rather inspiration of the connection between this moder lighting technology and the noble material such as hand-cut Bohemian crystal. Design lamps made of hand-crafted Bohemian crystal.

Timeless quality of a hand-made product – original crafting and design.

Under this brand we produce luxurious, hand-made lamps which represent originality, luxury and timelessness. There is a LED stripe and a control buil into each lamp. A certificate of originality is issued for each lamp by the master cutter and a life-long quarantine for the crystal and the cutting. Artistic handicraft of this prime product is guaranteed by the evidence of each lamp by a unique production number. Each piece is an original!

The key to the uniqueness of the LEC lamps is a massive hand-cut crystal with its longevity and esthetic beauty highlighted by the specific LED light which lets the edges and surfaces of the cut decoration shine.

The development of the lamps

In a close cooperation of the development team, masters cutters and invited designers a product was created which aims to connect the quality of hand-cut crystal with a unique design. The results of this cooperation are luxurious crystal lamps under the LEC Light Emitting Crystal brand.

LEC lamps are completely hand-made by our master glass makers and glass cutters in original design, equipped with LED stripes, colours changing according to your momentary mood.

Purpose and timelessness of the lamps

LEC lamps were created not only as a mean to create a pleasant atmosphere according to your mood, opportunity, need or season of the year, but thanks to modern technology of LED stripes you can achieve this easily.

Hand-cut LEC lamps will enrich your home, office or other interior with its design, unique style and the high quality of handicraft and crystal. Hand-cut crystal lit through with the light created by LED stripes creates very impressive lighting, shapes and atmosphere, which not only you will value, but everybody around you.

Why to choose this brand

LEC is a brand which offers a unique selection to a demanding, sophisticated customer who values quality a the artistic craftsmanship, customer who does not only want a beautiful object but a unique masterpiece. For each of the lamps is an original, shaped with love and craftmenship of the master glass cutter.

modern technology of lighting

High-end hand-cut crystal lamps with a modern technology of lighting.

Every lamp has a built-in LED stripe with a control, certificate of originality from the master glass cutter and a life-long guarantee for crystal and cutting. The artistic handicraft of the top quality product is guaranteed through the evidence of each lamp with help of a unique production number. Each piece is an original!

Patents and Certificates

Originality and uniqueness of crystal lamps is well-founded by trademark for our products.

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