A jewel among lamps! Timeless design in combination with a perfectly mastered craft, manual skills and experience of the glass cutters, continuity of history and tradition of the production brand.

Each lamp has its story. The originality of each lamp is given by the use of a variety of glass making techniques.

  • Cutting is a traditional way of crystal decoration, firs of all leaded crystal. This technique offers a limitless variety of decoration created via a combination of cutting elements – cuts and surfaces. The interaction of shiny and matte surfaces in combination with the light shining through gives a magic impression.

  • Glass ingraving is one of the most demanding techniques – the engraver is actually a sculptor creating a relief in glass with the help of a stencil or the engaver’s own invention.

  • Sandblasting is a technique which we use to work on surfaces to improve their capacity to carry light through their velvety finish. At the same time, it can be used to create very exact and subtle designs and for marking of products with logos etc.

  • Polishing is carried out with the help of a polishing solution. The result is a unique glitter of the hand-cut crystal which is only enhanced with the additional light from the inside of the lamp.

  • The base of the lamp is created according to the design of a young designer, Lenka Súkupová, who designed these original bases exactly to measure these luxurious products.

  • The certificate is issued and assigned to the lamp first after the completion and final quality check, when after the refinement via cutting, sandblasting and polishing, the lamp is approved as finished and provided with the certificate of the glass cutter who created the lamp and also with the life-long guarantie.

  • Packing and storing – the lamp is packed in a deisgn box and at that moment it is prepared for a specific customer. It could be YOU.

The luxurious hand-cut lamps represent originality, luxury and timelessness.