Some companies can build on a history of strong family foundations based on a craft whose history reaches a way back. Blažek Glass is one of them.

Let us introduce you our family company - Blažek Glass.

The tradition of the family company Blažek Glass s.r.o. reaches back to the year 1933. In that year, Josef Blažek, at that time the youngest from the Blažek family, founded his first company in Nový Bor. In 1938 the company moved to Poděbrad, where it is located till now.

We are a traditional producer of Bohemian crystal. In our portfolio there is hand-cut crystal, crystal urns, lights, crystal trophies, jewels etc. We produce original glass nail files in a broad variety of shapes and designs. Our priority is refining of glass with help of various techniques such as cutting, engraving, painting, etching, sandblasting etc. We also produce small promotional items. We also offer chemical crystal polishing to potential customers.

We are particular about such values as hand-crafted artistic processing, precision and quality. Owing to our qualified employees with long-year experience and their glass cutting craftsmenship we can introduce you an original brand of luxurious lamps with a modern lighting technology of LED – in our version – LEC – Light Emitting Crystal.

Presently, the executive directors of the company are Lenka Blažková – Zdobinská, the granddaughter of the company founder and her husband, Petr Zdobinský. In harmony with the tradition of the handicraft and modern development of the society we currently manage to employ 55 people from Poděbrady and surrounding areas. We can present ourselves with many regular customers from all around the world and also with a future vision which helps us find new customers and partners.

Our goal is a satisfied customer who prefers such values as “hand-made”, high quality materials and processing, originality and uniqueness. Our customer appreciates precisely hand-crafted products with long durability and prefers these products to cheap, but often low-quality-mass production.

The company Blažek Glass guarantees such values on which you can build in the future:

  • Handicraft
  • Precision and artistic skills of the master cutters
  • Quality control of materials and processing along the production way
  • Traditional, modern and also original design according to the type and taste of the customer
  • Reliable and professional services

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