Among our prioritees belong open and individual approach to the customers both the end-customer and companies and institutions, therefore the cooperation with those subjects is very important to us.

Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic

We are a member of the Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic.

The Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic was founded in 1990 as an association of producers of float glass, container glass, technical, utility and lighting glass, glass and mineral fibers, utility porcelain, sanitary ceramics, trade organizations, producers of machines and technologies, servicing organizations and professional schools in the field of glass industry. One of the members is also the Czech Society of Glassmakers with it’s informational database.

Hospodářská komora ČR

We are a member of The Czech Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic represents the entrepreneurial public. The Chambre supports all entrepreneurial areas except for agriculture, food industry and forestry. The mission is to support and create opportunities for business, enforce and support measures which contribute to the development of business climate in the CR and herewith to the overall economic stability of the state.

The Czech Management Association

We are a member of The Czech Management Association

It is the mission of the Association to support the development of professional skills of managers and their abilities to lead teams and contribute to strengthening of the business ethics among employees and business partners and also of the responsibility towards the consumer.

The Czech Art of Glass

We are the cofounders and members of The Czech Art of Glass.

The Czech Art of Glass is a marketing platform for the Czech glass and fashion jewellery industry. Companies, unions, schools and institutions which connect in this platform strive to find common solutions of challenges in the field of creative development, development of production, trade and HR and also mainly to support export and international image of the Czech glass industry.


We take part in the project of CONCERTO GLASSICO

This project was established to support the Czech glass and jewellery making industry and to present the Czech Republic abroad. The standard exhibiting and fair-trade activities are usually individual presentations of single companies at the evnts in Frankfurt, Milan or Paris which aim to represent the specific brand or company.

CONCERTO GLASSICO is a complex, coordinated, sector presentation of the Czech glass and jewellery making industry in their complexity.

We own a unique world-wide patent

Our glass nail files are patented in many countries of the world and although there are currently products of other producers in the market, we were the first company in the world to start with the production and distribution of the original glass nail file in the Czech and international market.

Our glass nail file became soon such an attractive commercial article that it was copied by many producers both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The majority of the fakes are also made by different production techniques which causes a major loss of technical and esthetic quality compared to our original glass file.

The glass nail file is not the only our product that is protected by patent rights. Blažek Glass produces and supplies to the world markets also other unique products: crystal urns, files with antibacterial coating, Gorgeous wine etc.

The Czech Society for Applied Fotocatalysis

We are a member of this association. The result of a mutual cooperation is the antibacterial file “Antibactif”. We support this society through gifts a samples of antibacterial files for promotional purposes.