The tradition of seven generations of the Blažek family is connected with the production and decoration of crystal and reaches back to 18. century. Josef Blažek was the first to start with the professionalization of the production.

We value the craftmenship of our forefathers and aim to evolve in this tradition.

The beginning and establishing of the company


In 1932 Josef Blažek founded a small business of crystal processing and trade in Nový Bor. Josef Blažek comes from a family of glass makers and is qualified in this field. In 1935 he purchases an estate in Nový Bor and establishes a company with the name J. Blažek Sklo (Glass). The company specializes in the production of decorated glass, especially hand-cut lead crystal.


In 1938 the situation for business was very adverse along the boarder with Germany and Czech enterpreneurs were forced to leave the area. Also the company Blažek moved to Poděbrady in this year where it gradually took roots under the same company name.


The Second World War brought substantial pressure, which the company was able to manage due to its proexport strategy and extensive export of goods to tried-and-tested contacts.

1939 – 1940

During this time period a completely new building was built from scratch which was a very bold step in this pre-war era.

1945 – 1948

The Czechoslovak president, Doctor Eduard Beneš with his wife, visited Blažek Glass in the post-war era. The company understood this as an appreciation of their work and entrepreneurship. The products of the company Blažek were known even in the USA at that time, because Josef Blažek was able to keep his company running during the war time.


In 1948 the company was, just as most of private property, nationalized. Unfortunately, for several decades the business connections with the west were torn off, our companies were isolated from the rest of the world, from western news and developments in the field.


The Velvet Revolution comes – freedom and hope for the whole family, company and society. We all believe it is a perfect opportunity to pick up on the tradition in our field. Dalibor Blažek and Drahoslava Blažková, father and aunt of the present company owner, take over the company and start again, basically from scratch, to build it up.


The company is returned in restitution to the ancestors of Josef Blažek in a very bad condition. Mr. Dalibor Blažek applies for a first bank loan to cover basic running cost of the production in the destroyed buildings.


A positive breakthrough comes with the invention of the original glass nail file. The glass nail file was produced in the company Blažek Glass in 1997 and it was the first glass nail file in the world. The initiator of several patents was the father of the current company owner, Mr. Dalibor Blažek.

The company succeeded in restoring the production and mainly due to the invention of the glass nail file the company was able to reach international markets and get financial health. The hand cut crystal, on the other side, goes through tough times.


The granddaughter of Josef Blažek, Lenka Blažková - Zdobinská, and her husband take over the company. In this year the company is renamed, in accordance with the development of the company, new products and markets, to Blažek Glass Ltd. Mainly for the foreign markets it is a step towards a modern and comprehensible brand.


The Czech production company Blažek Glass Ltd. designes and develops luxurious hand-cut crystal lamps under the brand LEC - Light Emitting Crystal and introduces them as a novelty. Hand-made crystal lamps designed by the creative team of the company, produced under the lead of skilled master cutters in an original design with modern LED technology find their customers and their place in the market. A brand arises which offers a unique selection to a demanding customer who values quality and precise hand work.


Today, the company Blažek Glass Ltd., is considered a traditional producer of hand-cut crystal. Blazek Glass Ltd. is a Czech family company, which exports its products all over the world, especially to countries of the European Union, the United States, but also to Japan, China and Thailand . Blazek Glass Ltd. ranks proudly among some of the leading traditional producers and processors of glass in the Czech Republic.

The company currently employs about 55 employees from Poděbrad and surrounding areas and is trying to not only to maintain, but also breathe new life into a traditional Czech craft. Blazek Glass proudly serves regular customers from all over the world, which corresponds to the current vision of the company.