In 2015 the company Blažek Glass chose another continent to present the lamps and the representatives of the company showcased the original products at the NYNow Trade Show in New York. The original interior lamps with RGB LED strips and the remote control to chose the suitable color of light appealed not only to the visitors of the Show but also to the panel of designers and experts who chose the lamp Morphology Matte for the Open House 2015 exposition to represent the trends in category Ephemera!

Another major event which we could not have missed in 2015 was Designblok in Prague where our booth was visited by a large number of excited visitors. They could not only observe the lamps but also try to operate the remote controls and different functions of the lamps and light bulbs with full RGB spectrum. The exhibition grounds in Holešovice were a place where both young and elderly showed their interest in our products and valued the variety of functions our lamps have.

The complete collection of design lamps with LED strips made of hand-cut Bohemian crystal was first presented to public in Shanghai at the LuxeHome Trade Show in June 2014. One of the lamps – Morphology Matte – was nominated for the „East Living Award“ as Best Product in category Interior Decoration.